Unlock Your Spanish Potential: An Introduction to Online Spanish Lessons

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Learning a new language can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the world, and with the number of Spanish-speaking people growing, learning Spanish can open up many opportunities. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced learner, there are plenty of Spanish lessons available to get you started. Here, we’ll discuss the different types of Spanish lessons, the benefits of learning Spanish, and the various language skills you can develop through Spanish lessons.

Learn about SER and ESTAR in Spanish

Ser and Estar verbs

There are languages in which SER and ESTAR are the same verb (to be) . But BEWARE !, in Spanish NO! It is important to distinguish its uses and meanings; that is why we have prepared this useful infographic for you. Sign up for our classes and learn much more about the language, culture and … Read more

Gramatical gender in Spanish

In Spanish, all nouns have a masculine or a feminine gender. For example, la casa is feminine el gato is masculine. It is very important to know nouns gender, so we know what gender the adjectives should have, articles … that accompany that noun. But… how can you know the words gender? Normally masculine nouns end in -o and … Read more

Why are people called cats in Madrid?

The term gata / o, to refer to people born in Madrid, comes from the exploits of a soldier of the troops of Alfonso VI.  Between the years 1082 and 1085, Mayrit (Madrid) went from being under Muslim rule to the hands of the Christians. At this time, legend has it that it was a soldier who, … Read more

LVV Spaintrotter

If you are planning to come to Spain, better to come knowing where to go, and if coming is not in your plans… we assure you that after reading LVV Spaintrotter you will change your mind. LVV puts on the backpack and takes you to every corner of this incredible country, for you to get … Read more

Jarabe de palo

Jarabe de Palo was a famous Spanish rock music group. Its success came thanks to an advertisement that used one of his songs La Flaca, the title of his first album in 1996. They released five more albums before opening their own record company, Tronco Records. The band’s leader was Pau Donés, he died in 2020 … Read more

Cocido ´ s

A. Cheeza

Cocidos comiendo cocido At LVV one of the things that matter most to us is contact with the real language and its uses. We do not believe that everything is learned from books, but it is important to learn from real life as well. And what better way than through music? A. Cheeze, DJ Swet, … Read more